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Request to have a project funded or upload a project you've already created for others to look at, learn from, and be inspired by!


Host or join an event thats going on in your area! Already been to an interesting event? We want to hear about it! Post pictures, videos, interviews, and whatever else that was interesting or inspiring!


Start a Bit to Byte club at your school! Contact us if you're interested in a club that builds on-going collabrative creations or host events in your area, created by you!


Post projects, articles, videos, research, papers, or anything that you are proud of onto your digital portfolio from your educational career and get recognized by a community of businesses and other hardworking individuals!



Lead the way with affordable STEM curriculum through Bit to Byte from the largest growing STEM provider, STEM Fuse!


Request for materials to make your classroom the best it can be!


Bring events like hackathons, workshops, robotics competitions and more to your school!


Share the awesome events, projects, research, or innitiatives that your school offers for more representation, recognition, and opportunities!




Fund a student('s) project or post your own for others to look at, learn from, and be inspired by!


Fund or host student events in your local community or across the nation!


Donate resources or materials for teachers that need it! 


Build a workshop with the Bit to Byte team thats tailored to your business, connecting you directly with the future workforce!


Share the scholarships, internships, and news that your business offers for students who need the opportunities and knowledge!

Recently Funded Proposals

Check out these cool proposals that were funded!

CS-GSO 2k18 Weekend Hackathon

A weekend-long hackathon will be organized at Iowa State University. This hackathon is specially planned to include graduate students and aim to provide a platform for them to showcase their skills. T

OpenHAB Alarm Retrofit

Summary: Develop a home automation retrofit system which can integrate standard home alarm systems with open-source home automation software though a hardware and software solution. Experience: Som

Introduce a Girl To STEM Day

This will be a 3.5 hour workshop to introduce young women in the La Grange, Illinois area to the opportunities in STEM. Student attendees will have two separate STEM sessions involving fun and collabo

Proposal Highlight

Home Automation Alarm Retrofit (Project)

Owen Hardy lives in the Chicago suburbs and will be attending Miami University next year with a major in electrical engineering. In his free time, Owen enjoys working in his garden and on Arduino based projects. Some of his past creations include a remote-controlled and drivable flamethrower, an automatic garden watering system, and for his Bit to Byte proposal, an extensive home-automation system featuring lighting, garage control, and a custom security solution.

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We post a lot of really cool stuff for you to look at, learn from, and be inspired by!

Israeli space simulation station

Check out this cool website about the first space simulation station, where people can experience space on earth!

Ever seen flowers float?

This absolutely stunning video will show you the possibilities of art! Floating Flower Garden by teamlab…

This man uses wood and technology to produce really cool innovations!

Matthias Wandel - Learn all the different ways to use wood in cool and practical ways through projects! is an amazing site for those of you who love working with wood and innovating along the way! From sucking up wasps to making a wooden combination lock, this man will not only show you what he built, but HOW he built it!

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