Brainstorm Your Ideas

What do you like?

On the spot, many of us draw a blank mind when asked what our favorite things in the world are, or it’s broad like “football” or “drawing”. Most of us don’t know what we like to do or what we’re good at for a very long time and that’s okay, but it’s not okay to just sit around and hope someday it’ll “just come to me”.

If you have absolutely no idea what you can focus on in your proposal, make a list of of things in the world that you enjoy. It can be anything. After you have those, next to them write what you like about each listed thing.

Now, reread through your list after you put what/why you like each one and ask yourself: How can I make an improvement to this? Asking yourself questions to gain a better understanding can go a long way during this process and can help you with an idea that directly ties into what you like! Not everything will be an innovating idea and that’s fine, but you want to make sure it’s worth putting your time into and gain something from doing it.


How can you make something of it?

So, you’ve narrowed down your interests, but may not be able to make anything out of it… try simplifying your thoughts into an action plan; in order to achieve “this”, I would need to do “this” and repeating that til completion. Bit to Byte also encourages students to ask for help from their peers and mentors for proposal development and help along the proposal journey.

Submitting a proposal can be tough if you don’t have a good idea you want to pursue and unfortunately Bit to Byte will not fund any proposal that isn’t detailed with steps on how to finish their proposal with a budget. If you’re unable to create a proposal with team members, mentors and other outlets of help, email for support in connecting with mentors and building a proposal that will grow your skill set.