Let's work together to make sure the future is bright, and it starts with making our students brighter today

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Someone, somewhere, is working day in and day out to achieve academic success, even though there are obstacles at every corner. With your help, we can remove these obstacles while making education social and inspiring for individuals who don't have the privilege many others have. Whether it be teachers or students, it starts in the classroom and as a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of individual donors to help fund our programs and campaigns to give these people the resources necessary to change our future. Your contribution enables us to do our work at this critical time in students lives and we truly appreciate it. 


Where Does Your Donation Go?

We work hard to do the most good for the state of our education system with every dollar donated. Here's the breakdown of how your donations are used.



Financials and Filings

If you are interested in our legal documents for tax-exempt purposes, see the links below. Also, be sure to read about how Bit to Byte keeps you up to date and informed on where your contribution is making an impact.