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Israeli space simulation station

Check out this cool website about the first space simulation station, where people can experience space on earth!

Ever seen flowers float?

This absolutely stunning video will show you the possibilities of art! Floating Flower Garden by teamlab…

This man uses wood and technology to produce really cool innovations!

Matthias Wandel - Learn all the different ways to use wood in cool and practical ways through projects!

Planes create a "wake" just like a boat!

You may have seen military aircraft fly in formation before, but do you know why? More importantly, why is this same method being adopted in the commercial airspace as well? Click to learn more!

Did you know Babies manipulate their mothers?

This abstract from a research study gives a brief explanation to the claim “babies manipulate their mothers.” Click the link to learn more!

Watermelon anyone?

Watch and learn how this amazing artist turns watermelons into insane creations like dinosaurs and unicorns!