Lead The Way With STEM Integration

What is it?

STEM curriculum is a popular, yet commonly expensive resource for schools to acquire, that’s why Bit to Byte partnered with the fastest growing provider of STEM curriculum in the US, STEM Fuse. Bit to Byte has formed a partnership with STEM fuse in order to expand and encourage the adoption of STEM curriculum in the US and around the world. Bit to Byte works to minimize the cost of STEM curriculum and activities for schools who want to improve their teachings, but can’t find the means of obtaining it.

This project based curriculum seamlessly integrates with the curriculum already being taught in our schools. The STEM Fuse Curriculum is designed for easy integration and simple for teachers to learn then be able to guide their students. Teachers will learn, then mentor their students through courses strengthening their skills in common core subjects and provides introductions into uncommon subjects, such as financial literacy, programming, biochemistry and many more! Each lesson within courses is related to occupations that utilize the skills they’re building in the classroom; answering the common question of “when will this ever be used in the real world?”.


How it works

Teachers and school officials can propose for a free demo from Bit to Byte if they’re eager to see more of what this curriculum has to offer. The STEM Fuse demo offers insight into the standards, courses, and the workload that teachers would go through when teaching their classes. Be sure to view all the course offerings when proposing for a demo, so you can have access to all the courses you had interest implementing. The school representatives can then contact the Bit to Byte support team directly after previewing the STEM curriculum at info@bittobyte.org to begin the process of how updating your school's curriculum is possible.


Course overview

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    STEM Integration - “STEM:IT Series”

Using topic-driven challenges, coding game activities, and 3D modeling projects, students will experience how STEM is tied to the content they're learning in the classroom.


    Business - “Start:IT”

In keeping with standards and 21st Century Skills, START:IT puts a premium on using technology applications and digital tools for research and in practice. Students will take an active role in their learning and will experience first-hand the initiative, creativity and innovation required of a successful entrepreneur.


    Reading Program - “READ:IT Series”

Written in a format ready for RTI (Response to Intervention) implementation, this research-based curriculum provides a step by step multi-sensory approach that is more teacher-friendly than any other program of its kind.

As it is aligned with the reading and spelling common core standards, teachers are guaranteed to teach all necessary skills and strategies at the appropriate developmental levels of their students. READ:IT gets results.


    Health Sciences - "HEALTH:IT Series"

This semester-long course is aligned with the standards and gives students a “day in the life” experience of a medical technologist and offers hands-on medical data & coding input projects, medical vocabulary and career and college exploration.

Health:IT is perfect for students who are interested in the many non-patient contact related health care careers or for the students interested in information technology, database management or electronic record keeping. 


    Computer Programming - “Game:IT Series”

Game:IT is an introductory course to game design and development that engages students in project-based learning. From the first lessons to the last lesson students navigate through guided tutorials building 5 NEW games!