A student is anyone who takes the initiative to learn new or unfamiliar concepts or ideas to understand the world better around them.

While that is typically children, elementary, middle school and high school students and college students, we do understand that one can be a student at any age or any point of their life.

Bit to Byte Workshops

is an after school program where students can go to learn about STEM fields and work on open ended STEM projects designed by Bit to Byte, like designing and programing a RC drone to avoid walls, building a 3D printer from scratch, or maybe even something more ambitious! This is all done with help from other students and guidance from our mentors. Project categories include building a functional machine, robot challenges, world problems, and home improvements. Students participate in games and activities related to what they are learning about to keep STEM engaging and fun. Mentors can also provide assistance to students own projects.



Bit to Bytes after school program meets once a week for an hour and half directly after school. The meeting day varies depending on the school, contact your local school for more information.

Bit to Byte workshops are free to attend, however, if you think that this is something valuable to your child and worth continuing to do we encourage you to donate, even $15 makes a huge impact.

Bit to Byte workshops provide a place for students to work on projects, see emerging technology, and meet like minded students. Bit to Byte is a STEM enrichment organization, it is not meant to be a replacement for school, but a supplement. School provides effective but standard education, Bit to Byte is more hands on and varies according to the students interests. Bit to Byte provides opportunities for students to take their learning beyond the class.

Students in Bit to Byte workshops get hands on experience building machines and robots and coding, and learn how computer code and machines interact. Students learn what they need for the project at hand, the curriculum is centered around what they are working on.

Bit to Byte mentors help run our workshops which mostly involves helping students with their project whenever they get stuck without doing to much for them. It also involves providing advice or other help to students working on their own projects.

View the About Us page, at the bottom click on Want To Join The Team and from there you may decide to sign up as a mentor or to join the Bit to Byte team.


If you think Bit to Byte workshops is something your child would like to participate in, we encourage you to send a letter to your school principals, administrators, or district officials. Feel free to use the following letter as a guide.

Dear Mr. / Mrs. ________


As a parent of a child who goes to _______ school, I encourage you to contact Bit to Byte to see if they would run an after school program at our school. Bit to Byte is a student led organization that provides mentorship for student projects, and runs an after school program where students work on focused STEM related projects in small groups. Having STEM enrichment opportunities available to my child is important to me as they offer a way for students to learn outside of the class and pursue their interests.