Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics is an event put together by WACS and Bit To Byte about the basics of Blockchain technology. About Bit To Byte About WACS What is Blockchain? Why is it relevant? Cool case studies, personal anecdotes, etc. How can one get involved with Blockchain Future of Blockchain?

Blockchain Basics

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Milestone 1:


About the Event: On 8th December 2017, Bit To Byte partnered with Women's Alliance for Cyber Security (WACS) to sponsor and organize a Blockchain Basics seminar at Iowa State University. Food (10 mins) Jimmy Johns x 30 + 3 Drinks + 30 Chips Group Discussion (10 mins) What are your views on Blockchain? What is your understanding of Blockchain? What are the ethical implications of Blockchain? Prizes! Talk (5 mins) Summarizing what everyone said? Speakers view after hearing from everyone Questions? Speaker: Chuck Williams Dash Core Developer -What is Dash? -How does it use Blockchain? -What do you do for Dash? -Moving forward Topics Covered: Video Conference call with UI/UIX Developer Chuck Williams from the Dash Core team Chuck introduced some of the basics of blockchain technology and then shared about his role and involvement in the Dash Core team. Students were encouraged to ask Chuck any questions about crypto, blockchain, Dash, applications, and the potential of the technology. Overall Thoughts: Yamini: Chuck and August were extremely well prepared and everyone is super interested in getting to know about Bit To Byte. We have a very high bar set for presenters of future events by Bit To Byte. We need to ensure to keep this up! Lots of interest surrounding blockchain. Maybe we can start a Blockchain student organization and get those people more involved with Bit To Byte as well as get more interest generated surrounding this topic.

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