Digital Women Code Camp

The Digital Women Code Camp is a 24-hour hackathon at Iowa State hosting 100 students from all over the Midwest. Participants will spend 24-hours learning and growing while creating amazing software and hardware projects! Code Camp is about learning and growing - not competing. While we still have awesome prizes to give out, we encourage participants to focus on what they want to learn during Code Camp, rather than what they want to win. Goals 1. Empower girl coders: The event focuses on providing an environment where women can learn from their fellow developers and guest speakers. The activities will help them understand different coding concepts through first hand experience. 2. Provide Networking opportunity: This event is open to all female ISU students, creating an opportunity for talented coders to team up and participate in competition. This will also allow them to connect and bond with fellow developers who have similar interests.

Digital Women Code Camp

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  • 144 - Shirts
  • 144 - Water Bottles
  • 686 - Food
  • 25 - Prizes

Milestone 1:


The Digital Womens Code Camp held a 24 hour hackathon focused on learning, creating, and growing while creating amazing software and hardware projects. Check out one of the Education Hack winners project - Rediscovering Science!

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