Introduce a Girl To STEM Day

This will be a 3.5 hour workshop to introduce young women in the La Grange, Illinois area to the opportunities in STEM. Student attendees will have two separate STEM sessions involving fun and collaborative challenges in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Along with the group challenges, the student attendees will learn how what they're being introduced to is relevant in today's workforce and career paths that may involve their interests. With STEM careers on the rise, our focus is to make a connection with the students and how they can plan ahead through interest and skill seeking and relating it to occupations that utilize those same skills. At the end of the day we will be having a women electrical engineer from Walgreens speak to the students and give insight into her own experiences that the student attendees can relate to and take some of her advice and apply it in their own lives.

Introduce a Girl To STEM Day

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  • 75 - T-Shirts
  • 0 - Pizza
  • 0 - Snacks
  • 0 - Desert
  • 0 - Water
  • 0 - Utensils
  • 0 - Science Materials
  • 0 - Math Materials
  • 0 - Student Portfolio Materials
  • 0 - Pens/Posters
  • 0 - Balloons
  • 0 - Volunteer Breakfast

Milestone 1:



Management Schedule (and reflection): 845: meet in C232 for information/ reminders/ t-shirts and name tags/ what’s in your folder? 9:00: go to rooms and set up o Science(J205)- make sure have enough goggles- heat water if needed o Math(J204)- bag in room/ presentation? o Engineering(J203)- things on each table? Log in and projector o Tech-(DC)- login All volunteers had enough time to debrief and prepare their STEM Sessions. After all STEM session rooms were prepared with materials, volunteers had breakfast to begin their day. This time allowed the volunteers to mentally prepare for their day. During this time, Captains walked through presentation and technology to ensure that the Opening Ceremony ran smoothly. o Put up signs around the building Parents were upset about unclear directions to main doors. In the future, be clear about directions to your location so that they girls arrive promptly and happy. o Bring tshirts down to PAC Order a few extra tshirts- some girls were unhappy with the fitting of the shirts. o Set up registration and folders on tables Some girls arrived 30 minutes early. Make sure you are prepared for early- arrivers. o Make sure PAC tech is up and running 9:40: Team leads and volunteers @ doors and entrances to wait/ usher students and parents to PAC Parents very much appreciated the escort from the main entrances to the event. This allowed for girls not only to find their way to the Performing Arts Center, but also gave GEMS members a chance to talk with some of the young girls. 9:45: check in @ PAC- Nora, Kelly, Kally, Mimi- registration and TSHIRTS and Folders Registration was very hectic. In the future, create two tables for registration (A-L) (M-Z). 10am- start in PAC- o 10- 10:10- intro powerpoint that Nora and Kelly put together Parents truly appreciated the introduction to our club’s mission and the debrief of the many GEMS members. o 10:10- ted talk Very enjoyed by girls. A great relay of our message. “Inspiring the next generation of female engineers” o 10:25 debrief ted talk o 10:28 talk through folder? ID team leads and rooms Girls were excited to open up all of their folder contents. Attached below. o (Team math will meet us in the PAC) 10:35- 10:40- move to rooms By separating the girls by their groups, we were successful in transporting children. 10:40- parent session, stay in PAC: Nora, Kelly, Mimi, Kally Half of the parents stayed. The parents asked questions regarding our journey to pursuing STEM, our experiences in high school pursuing STEM, and our insight on classes to take. 10:40- 11:20- session 1 In sessions- agenda should be written on the board- One designated photographer in each session- Photographer was able to get around to all of the groups and participants enjoyed getting their picture taken. Tech team members in different rooms (j203/204/205) 11:20-11:25- bathroom break and tech team walks group to the DC 11:25-12:05- Session 2 In sessions agenda should be written on the board One designated photographer in each session Team math scattered to help with other sessions (tech, sci, and eng, needs 1 person) 11:45- pizza delivery and café setup- we ordered solely cheese pizza (and two gluten free for girls who indicated that need). This made it easier for us to distinguish and girls were content. Lizzie, Diane, Ally- bring items- plates, water, napkins, from c232 to café, help Miss P’s mom with Pizza 12:05-12:10- bathroom break and move to café Middle schoolers are the priority. If teams need to clean up the room, then wait until after lunch. Clean up was necessary after lunch. 12:10-12:40- pizza lunch in D110 We had both healthy additions to pizza (apples and other fruit) and unhealthy (candy, fruit snacks) and water. Girls were pleased to have a mix of healthy and unhealthy. 12:45: Volunteers needed to assist move extra pizza, plates, water, snacks, etc from café to C232 12:45- 1:30 PAC for closing (Nora, Kelly, Kally, Mimi) and raffle The raffle was a but hectic because some team leads did not pass out tickets to participants. In the future, girls should get tickets as they enter. This will make it easier for the end of the day. The raffle was a hit. The girls were excited both for the GEMS gear and also for the tech gear. Our closing ceremony had a speaker- electrical engineer for Walgreens- which was a wonderful way to finish off the day. 1:35-END STEM DAY, Clean up Team leads and captains clean up J203, J204, J205, c232, take down signs, lock DC and rooms Clean up was fairly quick (20 mins). Team leads cleaned their rooms and captains cleaned the PAC.

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