Women techmakers global event

It will be a one-day event at Google Belo Horizonte, aimed at increasing the visibility, community and resources for women in technology. The event will feature panel discussions with technology leaders, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities and more. The theme this year is Building a New Horizon. International Women's Day is an important moment to recognize how women have influenced the tech industry and beyond. Each of its summits and meetups will be tailored to local communities of women in technology. Summits and meetups around the world may feature hands-on coding workshops, inspiring speakers, and networking opportunities. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Google is hosting a series of global Women Techmakers summits geared towards increasing visibility, community and resources for women in technology. These summits will be hosted at Google offices and locations around the world, and will feature panel discussions, technical talks with technology leaders, career-planning discussions, networking opportunities and more. Particularly for me, this event represents an unforgettable opportunity. I am finishing my MSc in Computer Science and would love to extend my network. Considering my academic background, I never considered that I would be selected to attend such an event. My life story is a struggle for women in technology, and this year I can go to this Google event that celebrates International Women's Day. I would very much like to have this opportunity to learn more about technology and share my knowledge and personal history. For these reasons, I am asking for financial help for the costs listed below.

Women techmakers global event

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  • 1 - Bus ticket from SP to BH
  • 1 - Taxi there
  • 1 - Taxi back
  • 1 - Bus ticket from BH to SP
  • 1 - Food

Milestone 1:


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