Jayson Efnor

Marketing Director

I have a very easy-going active persona. In my free time outside of Bit To Byte I spend most of my days hiking with my dog named Kodak. Kodak is an Alaskan Malamute who’s always energetic and loves to keep me company, so he keeps my hands full. Other than spending time with him, I like to go golfing with friends or really anything that is outside on a sunny day. My ideal reading scenario would be me somewhere on a beach with an Arnold Palmer while reading Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle.


Experience: I cleaned buses for the city of Eden Prairie, Minnesota before co-founding a commercial cleaning company with my brother. About a year later, him and I co-founded an asset management company which was where I worked until joining the Bit To Byte team.


Fun Fact: When I was 8 years old I started my first lawn care company called Chad corp. named after my favorite football player at the time… #88 Chad Ochocinco.