What is a proposal?

Have you ever created something cool and thought to yourself, “More people should see this!”? Use Bit to Byte to share your idea with people, have a digital collection of it and have the support to do it for free!

The Bit to Byte definition of a “Proposal”: A proposal is a detailed request for funding for a specific project, event, or classroom request outlined and prepared by an individual or group to be displayed for educational purposes upon completion.


Proposals and the sharing of knowledge is an empowering tool for students to learn and become inspired from. Whether you’re submitting for proposal help or uploading something you’ve done outside of Bit to Byte; take pride in what you’re creating and share it on Bit to Byte to impact someone just like you.

Uploads are to educate and inspire others from your interests and abilities. Unlike other platforms, uploads to Bit to Byte are to inform and draw curiosity from other users and will NOT push any commercial, political or religious agenda.


What isn't a proposal?

  • Proposals are not limited to one topic or theme, the outcome of the proposal does need to be educational for others if funded by Bit to Byte.

  • A proposal cannot be used to sell or market a product or service.

  • A proposal  cannot organized by or for special-interest political, religious or commercial groups.

  • A proposal cannot be used to raise money for third parties

  • Bit to Byte is not just a platform for professional educators. It’s purpose is to provide an outlet and voice for those who are continuing their learning outside the classroom.

  • Proposals are not solely focused in one subject area, a diverse range of topics are encouraged!