Your Responsibilities

This isn’t your average school project… Make sure to check out your responsibilities!

Create a Bit to Byte experience


Innovative ideas, collaboration and experience enhancing are just some ways of creating a successful Bit to Byte experience. Create your proposal in a unique way that relates to you and can make an impact on others! Spark curiosity and creativity through your proposal and share your knowledge with the world…

Have a passion for what you’re doing


Now you have the freedom to explore your interests, search deep into the world of your imagination, and have fun creating whatever you like. We all know it’s hard to focus or complete tasks asked of us that we have no desire in putting an effort into because… we don’t care about it! Bit to Byte will help you learn more about whatever it is you like and create whatever your mind can think of, all while having a fun experience and helping you grow as an individual in a new way.

Be excited about yourself!


Until now, there hasn’t been anywhere to show yourself off. We mean your abilities… boast about yourself by creating cool stuff and by being you! When making your proposal, really add some original insight. Make it feel as though if someone were reading your proposal, they feel like they’re right there with you building it. Giving it your individual touches and comments makes it that much more personalized to you and everyone else that looks at it.


Be a leader


When you’re completing a proposal with team members, remember to always be respectful to your partners and provide assistance, if needed. Although all of you may really want to finish your proposal, make sure all of you are learning along the way and including all the team members. Be a leader and provide guidance and support to your friends doing it with you. A proposal is more than finishing a project or event, but is also a learning and fun experience for everyone involved.


Follow the rules


To get the best experience, follow all rules provided by Bit to Byte. These are in place to help you be successful and safe when completing a proposal. We know… rules can be a pain, but if you follow them, then it will only make your journey easier.


Create to share!


Although it’s not mandatory, create your proposal to be seen by others forever! Giving insight and proper details of your proposal is key for having a successful proposal. We mean, yea it’s cool to create something… but building something your proud of to be displayed on your digital portfolio for everyone to see and even sharing with employers or colleges can make “just building something cool” way better. That’s why it's important to provide all your steps and revised actions, to get the best out of your proposal.

Be excited about all the possibilities


In Bit to Byte’s Platform there are a variety of ways you can grow your learning and display your abilities. Your proposals are all uploaded to your personal digital portfolio, a proof-of-work profile that can be shared with anyone to see all your incredible work! With an increase of students going into college and then graduating, along with a decrease in job availability, students now more than ever, need to seperate themselves from everyone else in the stack of applications. With Bit to Byte, students can take their future into their own hands to create that separation and can even do it for free with Bit to Byte proposal support.

Put in the work


Although creating something can be exciting and helpful, it is also an endeavor that requires organization and commitment. To create something you’re proud of and knowing it will be displayed for the world to see, you’ll need to carefully create an action plan and follow-through on your proposal. Utilizing the proposal system can be great, but getting lazy can also be treacherous. Your hardwork and time put into your proposal will be displayed for others to see, but it’s also the same when you don’t put in time and hard work towards your proposal. The world will be able to see your unfinished work and you will not be able to submit another proposal until your most recent one is completed.